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Even the best-built computer systems and applications must be renovated. Kastling Group® has the experience and expertise for customer-experience-driven digital transformations for enterprises.
Legacy systems

Legacy computer systems are forged over years of customization, strategy, and security to meet changing needs of the users. We take a systematic approach to efficiently reverse engineer existing computer systems and software to capture essential logic and thought flows for the next-generation enterprise solution(s).
Award-Winning Team

Kastling Group prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction and consistently meets or exceeds the high expectations of our enterprise clients. We don't believe in short cuts especially when it comes to custom enterprise solutions.
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Custom Enterprise Solutions

Are you frustrated by the lack of customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX), complex and unorthodox maintenance, and rising costs of operations? Kastling Group upgrades your legacy systems into modern systems that can be easily maintained and upgraded in bite-sized, functionally-scoped domains. We partner with you to understand the intricate business rules, anticipate the future, meet new compliance requirements, and advance the human experience to provide more value to all relevant parties.

There are three primary reasons to choose a custom enterprise solution over a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product: (1) ownership of intellectual property, (2) higher customization to maximize customer value, and (3) lower maintenance costs depending on the use cases. Our typical project is modernizing an existing enterprise solution that is core to the enterprise and that has years of tweaked business logic embedded in the process. We provide phased services for this process (a) in-depth analysis, (b) minimal marketable product (MMP) prototyping via enhancements and transitions, and (c) full implementation. For mission critical projects, we provide a parallel pipeline approach using the Kastling Agile Modernization Process® (KAMP).

Kastling Group has expertise in each aspect of the custom enterprise solution development process with proven processes in customer experience strategies, user experience design, reverse engineering, agile software development with DevSecOps and cloud computing, and agile project management. If you are considering modernizing a highly complex system that requires custom software development and integration into an enterprise environment, Kastling Group® is a choice you can trust.

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U.S. House of Representatives

Supported the modernization of legislative tools for the U.S. House of Representatives with Xcential.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Supported the modernization of health applications for the Department of Veterans Affairs with Agilex Technologies. 

National Institute of
Standards and Technology

Supported the modernization of the administration console for the National Vulnerability Database with Booz Allen Hamilton.


Supported FISMA compliance automation analyses for GovReady.

United States Patent & Trademark Office

Supported the modernization of the patent filing system for USPTO with SalientCRGT.

American Red Cross

Supported the American Red Cross mobile pilot program with Celerity.

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