Talkin' Cloud Features David Lee

David Lee, Kastling Group, provides insight into challenges of moving from a purely agile model to a continuous delivery DevOps model for cloud companies.

“Agile practices and DevOps are not mutually exclusive practices, and they are frequently used together to achieve continuous deployment of features to users,” says David Lee, chief operating officer, Kastling Group, design and innovation IT consulting firm. “The key is using feature branching that is only merged in after a successful completion of comprehensive automated tests. These new practices must be incorporated into the developer onboarding process with regular discussions with the team to improve the agile process.”
Cloud companies and MSPs can facilitate their move from agile to DevOps with infrastructure migration best practices for popular servers to meet enterprise compliance, according to Lee. The chief issues with a move from agile to DevOps in a cloud environment is with security and compliance. But by providing compliance levels achievable by cloud environments, metrics of how long the move should take and integration guidelines, more teams will transition with confidence, according to Lee.

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