The Challenges of Digital Transformation Panel at IE Business School

David Lee discussed challenges of digital transformation on the Panel of Peers (POP) panel at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain on June 11, 2019.

The panelists discussed actual challenges that they've faced on digital transformation projects and hindsights on what to do differently next time.

During the panel, David mentioned that he does not like RPA (robotic process automation) implementations [in general] as many companies are attempting to use RPA to primarily reduce labor costs. While RPA is a valid use case for enhancing the labor force, this reason is often used as a front that hides the negative intentions. The culmination of these efforts that negatively impact the workforce across companies and industries could cause a significant burden on society without additional action.

Kastling Group is working towards a vision of a sustainable future and believes that the safest use case of RPA along with Artificial Intelligence is in newer industries with an ethical foundation such as sustainability in which the labor force is still in its nascent stage and the environment would benefit from a more mature sustainability market. Charlotte Lee has been leading an initiative to develop principles of ethical modernization and to discuss mechanisms to reduce the burdens on our society that are caused by technological and industrial shifts in our economies.

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